Best Baby Shower Etiquette

Planning on hosting a baby shower in the near future or attending one maybe? Then it is important that to know the latest on baby shower etiquette in order to come prepared and looking like a pro. It would be very easy to make a major mistake and become embarrassed if you do not know the common etiquette. The following ideas will help with etiquette. Host Typically a family member or close friend of the mother to be hosts a baby shower.

The host will make all of the preparations including planning the theme, location of the event, food, decorations, and even invitations. This is often done in conjunction with the future mom but does not have to be. It is really up to the host. Typically the host will also open her house for the party providing an inexpensive location for the shower. Since everyone is aware of the major expense having a baby can be typically the host will pick up whatever costs are associated with the baby shower.

Location Typically a baby shower will take place at the hosts house. However, if the house is not big enough or suitable for the party for whatever reason then as an alternative another friends house. These are often very small events that are mostly family and friend based so finding an alternative location is often not a problem.

Timeline It is best to have the baby shower planned two to three weeks before the baby is due. This means that right away invitations should be sent with an RSVP card included so the host can get an accurate number of people planning on attending. If you get to close to the mother's due date you can be in danger of not having the guest of honor and instead having a new baby on the way. On the other hand if you plan the shower too late into the pregnancy it can be increasingly difficult for the mothers to move around. Gifts Typically there is a gift called a favor given to each participant as a thank you for attending. This does not have to be an extravagant amount because it is often the thought that counts the most.

It is also a custom and a manner of etiquette for all people in attendance to bring in a gift for the mother to be. Often the mother will register a gift list at local baby stores. These include items like baby bottles and toys for the baby. Favors Favors are little gifts that are given to the guest as a thank you for attending the event. Again these do not need to be very expensive but just a little thank you. Often handmade favors that tie in with the theme of the event can be very popular.

Food Food is often served at a baby shower depending on the time of day for the shower. If the shower in not held over a mealtime then simple finger foods like small finger sandwiches and small quiches can be used. However if the baby shower occurs during a regular mealtime then it is customer to serve some type of small meal.

The food is usually light and something that can be eaten casually from a paper plate as people socialize with each other. Games Some sort of games are often played during the baby shower to help break the ice and get people to socialize with each other. These are often just simple but fun games that focus on the baby. A typical game can be estimating the size of the new mom's belly using string and the person with the best guess wins a small prize. Cake Cake is a typical food item that is served at baby showers.

These can be simple homemade cakes or even one bought at a local bakery. A cake is something that says celebration and can be a nice way to end the event and send the guests off in good spirits and with stomachs full of sweet cake! Baby showers are often a very fun and intimate gathering of close friends and family. They are usually light and fun social events that give time for family and friends to surround the mother to be with love.

They are not large parties with dancing, music and alcohol but rather a nice small intimate gathering to celebrate a new life that is about to enter the world. Through carefully planning and preparation the host can ensure a wonderful time for the mother to be and guests.

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