Fun in Family Thanksgiving Party

Everybody wants their party to be the best and fully enjoy by their guest. Especially if you are throwing Thanksgiving party with a big crowd including children, parents and adults, you may be very confused on what game is to be select. Do not worry a bit, this article will help you to solve your problems by providing some top and hit family games. Not too soon after dinner but before that sluggish feeling gets too strong a foothold, why not ask cousin Jim, who usually monopolizes the conversation anyway, to make a Thanksgiving Day speech including in it the names of all barnyard animals. Ask each guest to keep an animal in mind.

When Jim raises his right hand everyone immediately imitates the animal he has chosen. When Jim raises his left hand all keep silent. When he raises both hands everyone imitates a turkey's "gobble, gobble." All calls are continued until cousin Jim lowers his arms. When this talkative cousin declares a truce the family can exercise a bit by trying to pin a head on a turkey.

Pin up a picture of a large headless turkey. Then blindfold each guest in turn and give him a try at pinning on the head. The one coming the nearest to hitting the right spot is rewarded with a jar of cranberry jelly. Here is a game that always creates a riot. Give each guest a slip of paper reminding him that relatives can have good qualities as well as bad.

Ask each one to write a trait of character he or she most admires in one of the other guests. To remove all restraint the slips should not be signed by the writer. This always causes a lot of good-natured fun. The slips are then collected and the family virtues read aloud. It is fun to hear just what traits the family most appreciates. Another game that is a lot of fun is "Family Ties.

" When the guests are invited ask each male to bring one or two discarded ties. Every man has a few dozen or so which he hangs on to "just in case." Put all the neckties in one basket with the guests seated around the room.

The game is to let the rest of the family guess the owner. As each tie is held up for inspection it is greeted with a running fire of comment as to the type of tie it is and what inner urge might make a man buy it. The first person guessing the owner correctly will be awarded the tie.

By this time your crowd should be in a mood for "Family Secrets." Let one member of the group imitate some other member of his particular family in some activity and the crowd guesses what it is. For instance, young John may imitate his sister primping for a date.

Dad may impersonate mother entertaining the minister at tea. Mother may retaliate by showing Dad trying to borrow a Five from Uncle George. After these games we'll guarantee all stiffness and boredom will have vanished from your Thanksgiving dinner party. Perhaps you've set the pace for a livelier time at Aunt Jennie's next year, and there is still plenty of time left for a good old-fashioned visit. Family Ties, Family Secrets and gobble gobble are top of all family games.

Your guest would definitely enjoy it.

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