Spelling Games Parents Can Play With Their Kids

There are many spelling games that parents can play with their children to improve their vocabulary. The first game involves scrambling the letters of one word in a sentence then letting the child unscramble the letters so the sentence makes sense. Parents can also let their child draw pictures to go with these words then write a story about the pictures. Parents can attach labels to objects around the house and let the child read them, afterwards the parents can remove the labels and let the child point out the objects, name them then spell out their names. Parents can opt to buy computer games now on the market which are geared for first-grade level spellers.

Parents can write down spelling words on large slips of paper then place these in a container like a box. Then they can pull out one slip of paper at a time, read the word and have the child spell it out for them. Parents can bake cookies with slips of spelling words inside these. As the child eats his cookie, he will find the slip of paper and be able to read it.

The parent will then collect the slip of paper and ask the child to spell out his word from memory. Parents can hide large pieces of paper around the house (each piece of paper has a spelling word on it) then ask the child to hunt for a particular word. Only when the child finds the correct word will he be rewarded. While watching television together, the parent can ask the child to spell out words they hear on TV.

This is crucial for developing the child's listening skills since he will rarely see the word spelled out on TV. Or another activity that parents can ask their children to do is to take out a book and hunt for a certain word chosen by the parent. Or maybe the child can point out a word and then close the book and spell it from memory for the parent. Parents may also encourage their children to play spelling games with their other friends. Playing with friends help children to be more excited with the spelling games.

Make sure that the children are always motivated. You may incorporate spelling with their favorite games and sports. It is important for parents to learn to reward their kids for spelling words correctly.

it may be just a kiss or a hug, or something material such as a treat like ice cream or a candy bar, or even a short trip to the park. The main thing about rewards is that the child will feel that his efforts are acknowledged by his parents. Not rewarding the child may make the efforts of both the child and his parents fruitless since the child's behavior is not reinforced. The child learns through this system that hard work is rewarded while parents learn to be patient teachers even though their child may make mistakes.

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