The Majestic Lake Michigan

Outdoor vacations are very popular, as people simply love a nice outdoor scene. There's nothing like that sense of peace, of inner spirit, that one gets when staring out over a lovely blue bay of water or a sunrise as the glowing hot orb slowly rises above the horizons. Outdoor vacations are truly a thrill, but one has to give up on a few amenities when seeking the outdoors.

The city provides things that the great outdoors do not, such as fine restaurants and five star hotels. Fortunately, you can have both in Chicago Illinois. Of course, your first question will be "how in the world can I find outdoor beauty in a major city like Chicago?" This comes in the form of the sheer beauty of the shores of Lake Michigan.

This is one of the famed Great Lakes that form the border between the United States and Canada. Lake Michigan is famous for a large number of outdoor sports and activities all year around. One of the many popular outdoor sports performed on Lake Michigan is, naturally, fishing. This is actually one of the most highly sought after fishing spots in the United States. This is mostly because of the large varieties of freshwater fish that are found here.

The most popular is, without a doubt, the famed Chinook. It is not at all unusual to pull in a twenty plus pound Chinook from these deep blue depths. There are also Trout, Bluegill, Northern Pike, Walleye, Whitefish, Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Catfish, and Shad. There are many great fishing tours out on the many docks and piers that line the Chicago shore area. If you forget to bring your gear, that is fine also as there are plenty of shops that sell and rent fishing equipment. The tours usually supply everything that you need.

Another popular water sport on lovely Lake Michigan is that of water skiing. As Lake Michigan is so massive that you cannot see from one side to the other, it is almost like being on the ocean. Imagine the experience of a nice warm breezy day with you gliding across the sea-like waves.

The only difference between Lake Michigan and the ocean is the cost of your vacation. Chicago tends to be quite a bit more affordable than places like Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands. This is only a slight taste of the many options for fun in the sun that you will find on beautiful Lake Michigan. There are many opportunities for tour cruises, swimming, diving, snorkeling, and endless others. If you are really the brave one, though it can be quite dangerous, and are vacationing on Lake Michigan during the wintertime, you can join the Polar Bear Club. These are a few individuals that actually swim in the frigid waters in sub-zero temps.

As crazy as it sounds, this group has become famous world over for their frigid swimming antics. Sane or insane, as long as you are crazy about a beautiful view and wide expanses of water, you will find your home on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago Illinois.

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