Why I Bought Disneys Cars from the Disney Movie Club

The 2006 animated feature film Cars is a movie that will entertain everyone in the family. In a world populated entirely by vehicles, Cars carries a message of good sportsmanship and examines the idea of success and how it is accomplished. The seventh Pixar film (the final one before Disney took over) is as entertaining as its predecessors.

Cars boasts an excellent soundtrack and the voice talents of a great cast which includes Paul Newman in his last part before retiring. Joining him are Bonnie Hunt, George Carlin, Cheech Marin, John Ratzenberger, and Owen Wilson, among others. The film begins and ends on the track, and appropriately enough, its June 2006 premier was at Lowe's Speedway in North Carolina. In between, the action plays out in Radiator Springs, a Route 66 town overlooked because of the interstate.

Lightning McQueen is the film's main character. The action centers on his quest to reach California to compete in a special race between the three vehicles tied for first place in the Piston Cup. Separated from his entourage as they travel west, he lands in Radiator Springs and hot water.

He finds himself in trouble being prosecuted by Sally Carerra, who eventually becomes McQueen's love interest. He is sentenced to road paving duty and chafes under the assignment in his desire to get to California. During his time in Radiator Springs, he meets an old racing champion, Hudson Hornet, whom the town knows as Doc.

Doc teaches Lighting a few hard things about life, then kindly informs the media how to find him. Once on the track in California, Lightning is too preoccupied by memories of Radiator Springs to concentrate on the race, and all looks lost until Doc arrives with a well oiled pit crew of his own making. The race in his grasp, Lightning foregoes victory to practice the sportsmanship lessons he gained from Doc. In the end, the victor is booed and kind hearted Lightning is a hero. The feel-good film enjoyed great success all across the globe and became the first movie dubbed in Ukranian for its video release by Disney. On another unusual note, the Russian video's title translates to "wheelbarrows"-their slang term for cars.

The worldwide home video market for Cars is astounding, insuring that this movie is definitely going to become a classic.

Steve Collins is an Author and Journalist based in Encino, CA. A colossal Disney fan, he uses the Disney Movie Club to fill the gaps in his collection. Read his reviews of the movies he has bought from the Disney Movie Club

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